Ancient civilizations knew about medical benefits of massage and used it to heal various health conditions. The first mentions of using touch as curing method were found in Chinese, Egyptian, Japanese, and Indian ancient writings. In 2017 more than 15 million of Americans had massage therapy. Today there are many different types of massage that can cure mental and physical disorders such as pains, spasms, stress, anxiety and depression. Furthermore, facial massage provides lasting positive anti-aging effects.

     One of the main benefits of massage is that physical manipulation of muscles and soft tissues increases blood and lymph circulation. It speeds up delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to cells. Massage boosts the speed of waste products` removal from the tissues and promotes the absorption of excess fluids, which leads to swelling reduction. Moreover, massage improves skin rejuvenation and cell regeneration.

     Another significant benefit of massage therapy is that it relaxes muscles (including facial muscles), tendons, and ligaments, and diminishes nerve compression. As a result, massage provides pain and spasm relief, and improves working of the organs. Also, it decreases blood pressure and production of stress hormones, increases level of serotonin, and promotes overall well-being.

      By boosting drainage, facial massages provide many aesthetic benefits such as improving skin tone and texture, decreasing puffiness, and elimination of toxins build up in the skin. Facial massages also stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is essential protein that is responsible for the skin`s firmness and elasticity. Furthermore, facial massages smooth the skin and relieve muscle tension, which helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

      Smooth Aesthetics offers advanced facials combined with customized facial massages in order to provide individual outstanding skin treatment.

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