Does it really matter when and in what order you apply your skin care products? 

Sequence Matters, Here’s Why. applying your skin care products in the proper order ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product.  

The order of application is incredibly important, the skin’s job is to keep things out, but many of the skin care products we use have ingredients we want to get in. Only a very small amount of these key ingredients can penetrate the skin, even when perfectly formulated and perfectly applied. If you don’t apply products in the correct order, you will not see the best results from your skin care regimen. 

So which product goes on top of what, you ask? An easy rule of thumb to follow is to apply your products with the thinnest consistency to thickest, or from liquid to oil. In general, think thin-to-thick, but you also want to first use the products with the ingredients that are most important to penetrate into the skin (like antioxidants in serums) and finish with the products that need to sit on top of the skin (like emollients and humectants in moisturizers) 

Step 1: Cleanser  

Remove your makeup and wash your face before slathering on your products. “You need clean, oil- and grime-free skin for ingredients to properly absorb,” says Mona Gohara, M.D., dermatologist at Yale University. 

What we offer: 

SENTE Daily Soothing Cleanser -$34 

Gently removes environmental debris and makeup while providing a soothing sensation, leaving the skin soft and supple. Contains multifunctional natural extracts that help maintain skin’s moisture balance and support barrier function.  

NIA 24 Gentle Cleansing Cream-$33 

Humectant and oil rich cream cleanser removes surface impurities and makeup, while helping skin retail essential hydration and prevent moisture loss.  

Step 2: Toner  

 Today’s toners are filled with either gentle, hydrating ingredients to coddle dry skin, or with chemical exfoliants to treat acne.  They’re essentially just priming your face for ingredients to be better absorbed later. 

What we offer: 

Cherry Berry-$40 

A natural organic solution containing cherry, blueberry and red wine extract. These effective plant and fruit compounds nourish the skin and balance the pH levels. 

Skin Types: All 


The cranberry is very high in antioxidants. Contains cranberry extract with many hidden nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. It has a compound known as Vaccinium, a natural form of Benzoyl Peroxide to help protect the cells from oxidative and inflammatory injury. 

Skin Types: Acne, Larger Pores 

Step 3: Serums 

“Serums are essentially just shots of extremely concentrated nutrients, hydrators, and antioxidants that really amp up your skin health as soon as you apply them,” says Dr. Gohara. “People often skip out on using them, but they’re honestly the heavy lifters of your skincare routine.” 

What we offer: 

Vitamin C serum-$93 

Multi-stabilized, highly potent Vitamin and Octapeptide-based anti-aging serum, intensified with a dual Trans-Epidermal Carrier, delivers unparalleled results to combat and reverse signs of aging through an increase in collagen production, provides antioxidant protection and treats hyperpigmentation. 

NIA24 Intensive Moisture Double Serum-$93 

Intensely hydrating serum combines a powerful fusion of 6 types of hyaluronic acid with lipids and ceramides to deliver long-lasting moisture and visible plumping to skin. 

Clinically proven*: 100% of subjects showed a significant measured improvement in skin hydration and skin barrier function. 


Eye creams tend to be lighter and thinner than face moisturizers, so make sure to apply them before you slather on your creams and oils. “The rule of thumb when applying skincare is to apply the lightest first and the heaviest last, since thinner products can’t penetrate thicker products,” says Dr. Idriss. Mind-blowing, right? 

What we offer: 

NIA24 Eye Repair Complex $71 

Ultra-rich eye cream strengthens the delicate skin around the eyes while visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, under-eye darkness and puffiness. 


Hydrating Eye Gel & Primer 

A simple, gentle and effective hydrating eye gel that can be used with or without makeup to moisturize, protect and smooth the eye area while supporting the health of brows and lashes. An oil-free, vitamin-infused and antioxidant rich formula.   


A clinically proven combination of ingredients reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles around the eye area. Powerful peptides and vitamins promote collagen growth, strengthen capillaries and stimulate circulation, resulting in a brighter, rejuvenated and refreshed look. 

Step 6: Moisturizer 

A moisturizer not only infuses your skin with hydration, but also helps trap in all of the products underneath it to make the ingredients even more effective. 

What we offer: 

NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex $93 

Antioxidant-rich moisturizer fortifies and nourishes skin, improves elasticity and visibly reduces discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. 

NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex $118 

This rich cream helps initiate skin’s own revitalizing abilities to promote recovery. Skin looks fuller and firmer by locking in multi-level moisture, while minimizing transepidermal water loss. Brighteners help to reduce the appearance of discolorations and restore radiance. 

Tensage Soothing Cream Moisturizer $65 

This non-comedogenic cream is ideal for normal-to-oily skin exhibiting the early signs of aging. Skin irritated by acne medications or following dermatologic procedures can also benefit from its soothing relief. 

Step 7: Sunscreen 

What we offer: 

NIA24 Sun Damage Prevention 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 $49 

100% mineral sunscreen in a weightless, oil-free lotion absorbs quickly for sun and free radical protection with no heavy, white residue. 


This lightweight, water-resistant sunscreen provides a more natural approach for daily sun protection being that it is formulated with chemical-free actives. The combination of physical sunscreen ingredients and antioxidants provides UVA and UVB protection for all skin types. 


Good skin care is essential to graceful aging. Babies have smooth, soft skin that is wrinkle free 

and moist. Over time harsh elements in the environment wear on the skin making is dryer and 

tougher. With age comes wrinkles and sagging in the skin. Good skin care can slow down the 

harmful effects of time and the environment. 

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