It is not a secret that all women dream about vibrant and healthy-looking skin. Unfortunately, modern-day stressful lifestyle negatively affects people`s skin and causes issues like dull looking skin, dark circles around eyes, acne, or hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, air pollution, alcohol and smoking, unhealthy foods, some medications and sun exposure make your skin look lifeless and wan.

      Here are some important lifestyle tips that will help improve the appearance of your skin:

  1.   Reduce alcohol and avoid smoking

        Regular smoking results in uneven skin tone, sagging and wrinkles around the lips. It depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are necessary for skin.  Also, smoking leads to destruction of collagen and elastin fibers, which are essential fibers for you skin`s strength and elasticity. Alcohol causes dehydration of the skin, therefore, skin does not get enough vital nutrients. Moreover, alcohol diminishes the level of vitamin A in our body, which slows down regeneration of the skin. The best way to help your skin is to stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.

  1.   Manage stress

        Unfortunately, today almost everyone experiences stress on a regular basis. High level of stress hormones trigger acne breakouts and other undesirable skin conditions such as eczema, itching, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, psoriasis and rosacea. Furthermore, regular stress can cause various problems with hair and nails. Oily scalp, dry and thin hair, alopecia, brittle -all these conditions can be a result of chronic stress.

          What is the best way to successfully cope with stress? A positive mindset will improve your ability to stay optimistic and manage stress in challenging times. Yoga classes, meditation, nature, fitness exercises, art-therapy or your favorite hobby can help to diminish stress in your life as well.

  1.   Importance of healthy food

             There is no need to explain that beauty starts from the inside. Everything we eat and drink enters our systems and, of course, affects our health and skin appearance. Carb-rich junk food causes blood sugar jumps, which triggers acne, so, this is something that we want to avoid. In order to improve the look of your skin, lean proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables, and Omega-3 rich foods should be included in your regular diet. Moreover, adequate consumption of water is extremely important for the skin appearance and our overall health. Water removes toxins from the body, increases metabolism rate, improves blood circulation and so much more! Drinking 2-3 liters of water per day will help your body to stay hydrated and will make your skin radiant and glowing!

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