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dermal filler

Lip Injections / Fillers – Before and After

$650 – $700

Dermal Filler is specifically designed to add volume and contours to facial features, restoring a youthful appearance to areas that hollow, wrinkle and sag due to genetics, age, lifestyle or even weight loss. A treatment with Dermal Filler is an easy way to stay in control of your looks and have a positive effect on the signs of ageing. The result of a single treatment is seen instantly and may last for up to 18 months depending on the area being treated. We offer a range of specially tailored treatments to enhance your appearance.

Here at Smooth Aesthetics we promote “natural” looking results. We want you to look like a fresher version of yourself.
If treatments are administered correctly this should always be the case. We like to think less is sometimes more! After all, our clients are a walking advertisement for what we do so it’s important to us that you look and feel your best.

Filler Injection locations

Karina Early RN – Nurse Injector

Karina is a Registered Nurse, she has over 25 years of experience and ensures natural, amazing looking results when it comes to injections. You’ll be in great hands!

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