Why body sculpting is so popular today?

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Why body sculpting is so popular today?

The human body is the best work of art.  -Jess C. Scott

Body shaping, also known as body sculpting, is an effective and popular option to help reshape a person’s body. And we are proud to offer the TruSculpt 3D treatment to our patients. This revolutionary treatment can target any trouble areas on your body.

Sometimes, no matter how much you exercise and how healthy your diet is, there are parts of your body that just don’t look and feel the way you want them to (the lower abdomen, thighs, bra fat, etc.). That`s why it is so difficult to get the body of your dream. Getting rid of these problem areas can feel impossible. No matter how much you work out, you cannot make them go away. Especially as we age.

Today surgical and non-surgical treatments, that help slim down problem areas, are becoming more and more popular. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 180,000 non-surgical fat reduction treatments were performed in 2017, increasing by over 220% since 2012.

One of the premier body shaping treatments is Trusculpt 3D, it is clinically proven to diminish fat cells regardless of your body type. The benefit of TruScuplt 3D is that it gets you the results you desire while also being non-invasive. This treatment reduces unwanted areas of fat that aren’t significant enough for plastic surgery, but which are still sticking around regardless of your exercise regimen.

Benefits of Body Contouring

We’re all beautiful the way we are, but sometimes we want a little extra help. Body contouring can help a person feel more self-esteem and reacquire confidence. Getting the TruSculpt 3D body contour procedure can help the person feel happier, more confident, and even healthier. The results of TruSculpt 3D treatments are considered long-lasting. Best of all, targeted stubborn areas are finally treated and improved.

How does it work?

TruSculpt 3D, an FDA cleared device, uses radiofrequency to deliver controlled heating deep within the skin and fat layers. The goal of the treatment is to reach a specific level of temperature within adipose tissue to disrupt and damage the fat cells. The fat cells are slowly removed and excreted through the body naturally. With truSculpt 3D, you don’t have to limit your body contouring treatments to just your abs and love handles. It works on just about any area of your body, large or small, to reduce circumference and improve skin laxity.

What can I expect?

In 1 to 3 months following a TruSculpt 3D treatment, you can expect to see a reduction in fat, as well as a tighter and more firm skin appearance, reduction in circumference, improvement in cellulite appearance, and enhanced body contours.

Why TruSculpt 3D?

  1. Studies show an average of 24% fat reduction after a single, 1-hour treatment, some even up to 36%.
  2. TruSculpt 3D is the only treatment to destroy fat AND tighten in just one single treatment.
  3. There is no downtime with truSculpt 3D.
  4. The discomfort is minimal.
  5. TruSculpt 3D can literally go anywhere on the body, including abs, flanks, bra line, under chin, entire thighs, arms, and calves.

To see how we can assist you in your pursuit of clear skin, just to stop by and have a complementary skin consultation.

Please don’t be shy. Call me at 781-620-0236 for your complimentary skincare consultation at Smooth Aesthetics.

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