When my first-grade teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told her that I wanted to make people happy. My mother was a nurse-midwife and she made lots of people happy. I always knew that I wanted to help people as well; and have them leaving happy with a smile on their face. That was one of many reasons that I went to medical school. I was in the medical field for more than 25 years. When I left my country and came to the USA I had to make some big changes. I went back to school and I became a certified Medical Assistant and Licensed Medical Aesthetician.

My Mom taught me a lot about skin care.  Even as a little girl, I would ritually clean my face before bedtime. She and I used to make facial masks from natural ingredients and have ‘mother and daughter spa time’. This is a tradition that has followed down to my daughter and I.

For more that 10 years, I have worked for two wonderful, knowledgeable, well-known plastic surgeons and I have gained valuable experience.  I love what I do! My clients range in age and skincare needs, and I offer an expertise in everything from skin care products and regime, anti-aging, to getting rid of sun damage, in an open and safe environment. My spa is private, relaxed, confidential, peaceful and I will do my best to make you feel more confident and happy in your own skin.

When you own your own business, in my case a spa, you have more flexibility in making decisions, customizing treatments and providing services at prices that make treatment accessible for everyone.

I wanted to create an atmosphere that allows everyone the ability to come and have a treatment. Whatever it is – from pampering, relaxing facials, to anti-aging treatments, microneedling for smoothing away wrinkles or  just to stop by and have a complementary skin consultation.

Please don’t be shy. Call me at 781-620-0236 for your complimentary skincare consultation at Smooth Aesthetics.